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I have neglected this site sadly for the last four months because I have been working on a book that turns out to be more ambitious than I anticipated, a history of the world from the Big Bang to the day after tomorrow:  Ripple Effects, How We All Got to Be So Interconnected and Why We’re Still Fighting.   But when I got a couple of emails from Tania Amochaev about riding the bus in San Francisco , I thought:  other people should see this. Take a look.

Just Another Bus Ride

Tania Opener

In San Francisco


1 thought on “ENTER”

  1. I remember taking 25 days to camp alone. (In reality I drove home every 4 days or so to pick up food, but most of it was solitude.) The only lesson I learned was that my brain did the same old talking-in-multiple-voices-and-thinking-about-people that it always did, but for days at a stretch instead of minutes. I just extended the time of daydreaming, and most of it involved imagining social interaction. I found days of solitude no more spiritually productive than a few minutes of solitude in my busy life. I guess it requires a kind of focused discipline that mediators cultivate, but I just didn’t have the knack.


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