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You put things away where you can find them when you need them, and then your life changes, and you forget you even have them. Or they’re kicking around the house and you stop seeing them. What do you still possess that you acquired when your were still some other you? Here’s what three people have to say about that question..

Something I Still Possess


2 thoughts on “ENTER

  1. I remember taking 25 days to camp alone. (In reality I drove home every 4 days or so to pick up food, but most of it was solitude.) The only lesson I learned was that my brain did the same old talking-in-multiple-voices-and-thinking-about-people that it always did, but for days at a stretch instead of minutes. I just extended the time of daydreaming, and most of it involved imagining social interaction. I found days of solitude no more spiritually productive than a few minutes of solitude in my busy life. I guess it requires a kind of focused discipline that mediators cultivate, but I just didn’t have the knack.


  2. These poems are a wonderful portrait of a perceptive, sensitive and vulnerable young girl. The interplay between her and her father is artfully portrayed.


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