Drop by every week to read a real-life story (or, sometimes, an essay about the art of writing real-life stories.)   

A few months ago, I dropped in on the San Francisco Writers’ Workshop, which I used to run, just to see how it was going. It was going well! That night, one member, Holman Turner, read something that I kept thinking about in the weeks that followed. I asked Holman if I could run his brief reminiscence here, and he said okay, so here it is:

Three Dollars

[Also, you can read an excerpt from my new memoir, Road Trips: Becoming an American in the vapor trail of the Sixties here. The book is available from Amazon and from Nook Books. If you’re in San Francisco, you can pick up a copy from Bird and Beckett bookstore in Glenn Park–which (if you’re in San Francisco) you should visit anyway, whether or not you buy my book.]


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