A Pond I’ll Never See Again

By Tamim Ansary I did quite a bit of camping during my early years in America.  I was sixteen when I arrived, and the high school I went to for two years took us on week-long trips in the fall and spring, to amazing places like Mesa Verde and Canyonlands.   We didn’t have tents.  We […]


By Tamim Ansary Fifty years ago, I went to Canyonlands, a place in southern Utah. I was a student at Colorado Rocky Mountain School then, and the school traditionally took us kids on two camping trips a year, one in the fall, and one in the spring. Fall Trip was only three days long, we went […]

Dream with Ocean: A Still Life

By Mary Heller I believe it was the last trip she took.  In all the years I had lived in the Bay Area, my mother only came out twice.  This was the first time she and my father came as tourists. My father seemed amenable to wandering, so we traveled around northern California with brief […]