Something I Still Possess

ut the present is always imperceptibly becoming the past. “Now” is constantly slipping away into “then.” It’s hard to know exactly where the threshold is. Most of us, I think, have at least a few possessions we acquired when we were a different person. If we still have them, though, does it not mean that some part of us is still that person?


Berkeley Childhood: Seven Poems

By Claudia Marseille ” I am working on a series of vignettes, a combination of poems and short prose pieces set in the 50’s-60’s about growing up in Berkeley, severely hard-of-hearing from birth, and living with a very eccentric, German, mildly bipolar psychoanalyst father.   Here are seven poems from the collection.” In the Garden She […]

The Perfect Times

By Leila Christine Nadir Nov. 2016 Bikini Baby For the first two and a half years of my life, it was just my mother and me. We lived in a one-bedroom apartment a few blocks from Marion Elementary, where my mom taught Special Ed and where I would one day go to school. An elderly […]

The Liz’n’Me Club

By Tamim Ansary (Here is an excerpt from Road Trips, a memoir set against the backdrop of those long-lost years, the late sixties and early seventies.  This episode took place in 1969, when I hitchhiked across the continent, ended up broke on the east coast, spent a dull week in an ashram, and then caught […]

Lana Gold

By Melinda Ginne In 1967, it was mandatory for students to live in the dorms in their first year at San Diego State University. It was also mandatory for dorm dwelling women to wear a skirt or dress on campus; pants were not allowed. Furthermore, your skirt had to be sufficiently long, never above the […]

True Facts and True Stories

By Tamim Ansary The border between memoir and history has blurred for me, and I speak from experience. I’ve written two memoirs and two histories and I’m working on one more of each. At one level, I suppose it’s obvious. A memoir is the story of one life–it’s history writ small. But every life is […]

Somebody’s Story

By Tamim Ansary   In 1972, I came to a suicidal moment, which I skirted by going on a road trip; and thereby hangs a tale.  The gist of the tale is simple: one November day I felt that I might kill myself if I didn’t barrel to the opposite coast lickety split to see […]

Hitchhike to the Mystic

by Rick Schmidt ©2016 Sometime in the summer of my marital breakup, mid-July of 1969, I got the powerful urge to hit the road.  I had never visited the Space Needle in Seattle, I figured this was as good a time as any.  One year earlier, I’d done a coast-to-coast round trip hitchhike in just […]