Something I Still Possess

ut the present is always imperceptibly becoming the past. “Now” is constantly slipping away into “then.” It’s hard to know exactly where the threshold is. Most of us, I think, have at least a few possessions we acquired when we were a different person. If we still have them, though, does it not mean that some part of us is still that person?


Berkeley Childhood: Seven Poems

By Claudia Marseille ” I am working on a series of vignettes, a combination of poems and short prose pieces set in the 50’s-60’s about growing up in Berkeley, severely hard-of-hearing from birth, and living with a very eccentric, German, mildly bipolar psychoanalyst father.   Here are seven poems from the collection.” In the Garden She […]

The Perfect Times

By Leila Christine Nadir Nov. 2016 Bikini Baby For the first two and a half years of my life, it was just my mother and me. We lived in a one-bedroom apartment a few blocks from Marion Elementary, where my mom taught Special Ed and where I would one day go to school. An elderly […]