Something I Still Possess

ut the present is always imperceptibly becoming the past. “Now” is constantly slipping away into “then.” It’s hard to know exactly where the threshold is. Most of us, I think, have at least a few possessions we acquired when we were a different person. If we still have them, though, does it not mean that some part of us is still that person?


My Butterfly Year

Corrienne Heinemann Unable to find employment my Dad reenlisted in the army and for the first time we left the safety of Grammy’s house in Eastern Canada for northern Ontario. I call it my butterfly year, but not because a beautiful creature emerged from a cocoon that year. At age six I held the world […]


By Judith Goff I wasn’t broke for long, thank goodness—money-broke, that is.  I had quit my corporate job to save the marriage, but the marriage went straight to hell anyway.  He wanted out fast, and he got out fast, and my lawyer brushed aside my indignant demands for support with a stern, “You’d better go […]


By Elina Ansary I grew up in a house on Bernal Hill, which my parents bought for dirt cheap in the 80s. Before that, about ten families lived in the basement, and before that it was a brothel. My parent found a mummified cat in the basement wall when they first moved in. Growing up, […]


By Christina Vo My parents bought into the idea of the American dream. The first home they owned was a bi-level with cedar shingles on a street called Big Ridge Road in a nameless middle-class neighborhood in Tennessee.  The realtor shuttled us around town. She was a hearty southern woman in her early forties with […]


By Judith Ireland At five years old, in 1950, Margaret Calhoun was bald as an egg.  There was not one hair, not one bit of fuzz to interfere with the shine that made her head glow like the gold-capped dome on the capital building in Atlanta.  I wondered if her mother spit on her head in […]

Berkeley Childhood: Seven Poems

By Claudia Marseille ” I am working on a series of vignettes, a combination of poems and short prose pieces set in the 50’s-60’s about growing up in Berkeley, severely hard-of-hearing from birth, and living with a very eccentric, German, mildly bipolar psychoanalyst father.   Here are seven poems from the collection.” In the Garden She […]