By Emily Thurston Dennis asked me not to put a Christmas tree in our living room this year. He says it every year: no tree, no presents. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus, combined with the pagan worship of nature, life, and lights in the dark. Dennis credits Jesus with saving his […]


By Katherine Leahey You may wonder how people make a living in the middle of nowhere, Texas.  One answer is logging. Where I lived, when I was doing missionary work in east Texas, two towns took their name from the business—Woodville, Lumberton. A two-lane highway was our only connection to the outside world, and it […]

The Imposter

By Tamim Ansary I went to Reed College around the same time as Steve Jobs and recently, after a reading I did in which I mentioned this fact, someone asked me what Jobs was like.  I had no idea.  If I ever crossed paths with him, I was not aware of it.  He was just […]