Crash Crew

By Tamim Ansary Back in my mid-twenties, I volunteered at a crisis hotline in Portland, Oregon, for people who desperately needed someone to talk to in the middle of the night. Once a week, for about a year and a half, if you called “Crash Crew” between 7 pm Thursday night and 7 am the […]

Karschner’s Funeral Home

by Alden Mudge I wasn’t usually doubtful or skeptical as a child. Like most of the people in the village where I grew up I was a small-town fatalist. The world was what the world was, and there was no use thinking about it. A barn was a barn. A cow was a cow. And […]

Money—Found and Unfound

By Jim LeCuyer Found I’d been seining for salmon out of Ketchikan, Alaska, for an old time fisherman, Curly Anderson, a bald man from Bellingham, Washington.  I’d helped him hang gear and had put in long hours as Curly’s cork man, but the whole season went sour.  The mesh of his ancient seine was rotten, so every time we round-hauled a school […]