By Colleen McKee Here are two pieces, a personal narrative and a poem, from Colleen McKee’s chapbook A Partial List of Things I Have Done for Money. She’s written other books since then—see her bio below— but this book seems to be out of print, more’s the pity.   THE 59-CENT PAD OF PAPER For Judy Gay  My mother […]

A Pond I’ll Never See Again

By Tamim Ansary I did quite a bit of camping during my early years in America.  I was sixteen when I arrived, and the high school I went to for two years took us on week-long trips in the fall and spring, to amazing places like Mesa Verde and Canyonlands.   We didn’t have tents.  We […]

Somebody’s Story

By Tamim Ansary   In 1972, I came to a suicidal moment, which I skirted by going on a road trip; and thereby hangs a tale.  The gist of the tale is simple: one November day I felt that I might kill myself if I didn’t barrel to the opposite coast lickety split to see […]